Max 1 is

New German


Max 1 Instant Glue - Made in Germany

Remember all of the things mom fixed for you as a kid growing up...?

She the greatest ...



For the Best  Mom in the World...

make sure she has the

BEST GLUE in the World!


Get Mom the 50g Max 1 Glue




Welcome to Mabri Systems Inc.


We are happy to bring you our very special Max 1 brand of glue and other glue products.
Our product is unique and to quote our customers the best in the adhesive industry.


Once you have tried our product, we feel that you will never use the "other" glue.


Max1 has many commercial applications such as automotive repairs, marine and boat repair and is also used extensively by service industries.


Max 1 is also ideally suited for model makers and provides inexpensive yet permanent repairs  for almost and type of sports equipment.


Max 1 is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable.


What did you use Max 1 Glue for today?


We love to hear your stories and what you fixed with Max 1 Glue.  Send us your "fixed it" story.


Did you know that MAX1 GLUE is non toxic.